«Héroes de Marca»: a new book with participation from the Dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences

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Alfonso Méndiz, Dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences, recently participated in a book entitled Héroes de Marca: reunidos para inspirar, enseñar y alentar, a report containing ten “stories of silent heroism in the world of branding”.  Ten advertising professionals from Spain, Argentina, Brazil and Peru participated in the development of this book.

«Héroes de Marca»: a new book with participation from the Dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences
Ten professors and advertising professionals who have taken part in the project.

The author, Beatriz Donayre, a professor of Advertising at the University of Buenos Aires, aimed to bring together various advertising experts from around the world, asking them about brand notions, content and designing user experiences. As Donayre explains, the work of a creative is “work that is sometimes silent, but constant and with a lot of enthusiasm to achieve radiant endings.  A heroism that does not always shine, but is key in order to save, risk, support, propose and execute.  We give everything - she said - to be “brand heroes”.

Therefore, the book revolves around eight questions, about brands, content, experience and the objectives that are aimed for when entering the world of advertising, whether from an academic or a professional perspective.

In his contribution, Méndiz talks about brands as an “intangible element which distinguishes one organisation from others; it is a seal which imbues entities that are sometimes complex with personality, and allows them to have relationships with their audience and hold a dialogue with them”.  For that reason, he does not hesitate to state that “rather than moulding campaigns, I aim to mould hearts and minds so they discover their own voice in the world of advertising”.

Héroes de Marca (Brand Heroes) received support and backing from the Advertising Communication Studies Area (AECP) at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and has also joined the AECP. The other experts who participated in this publication included:  Belén Torregrosa (Spain), Michele Rocha (Brazil), Ricardo Palmieri (Argentina), Juan de los Ángeles (Spain), Diego Martínez F. (Argentina), Mariana Simon (Argentina), Manuel Miranda (Peru), Nathalia Talarico (Brazil) and Mariano Braga (Argentina).