The Human Resources Manager at Rosa Clará shares challenges and objectives with UIC Barcelona students

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Sandra Martínez-Rovira explained how she helps people working in the bridal fashion house.

Rosa Clará is one of the most important bridal fashion houses in Spain and internationally. The company’s designs can be found on all five continents, with an international presence in over 60 countries and a staff of 400 people. This means there is a heavy workload not only logistically, but also in terms of people, which is exactly what Sandra Martínez-Rovira takes care of as human resources (HR) manager at the Catalan company.

After having worked at Abertis, Martínez-Rovira moved into this completely new sector, swapping asphalt for weddings, as she herself said on Wednesday, 10 October, at the lecture she gave to business administration and management students. Retail is very different world, one “which changes from one day to the next”, she said in her speech.  

At the session, the HR manager at Rosa Clará also shared some of the main challenges and objectives of the company and talked about her position in the general management of Rosa Clará, the type of people making up the different departments and emotional well-being, among other things. “My objective is to leave the world in a better place. To leave behind a perfect place”, she stressed to the tens of students who attended the session.