«In Job Interviews, Verbal Communication Represents Just 18% of What You Say»

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On Wednesday, 16 October 2013, Mari C. Córdoba, the Director of Human Resources at the pharmaceutical company Synthon, gave a lecture to third-year Business Administration students in the Human Resources subject. Córdoba explained how the recruiting process works and gave advice on what to do during a job interview.

«In Job Interviews, Verbal Communication Represents Just 18% of What You Say»

Córdoba began her instructive talk by outlining the logical steps all companies take when hiring candidates for a position and how they are applied at Synthon.

She spoke extensively on the keys to making a good impression in any job interview. "The way your CV is done may seem very minor, but it's very important", she said. "An orderly structure, a high-quality printed copy and even the email address say important things about the person.” And a good CV should come with a "brief and concise cover letter that highlights the things that make you stand out for the position you're applying for".

Córdoba finished by talking about the interviews with a company. "The best person for the job is not always the most knowledgeable”, she stated very clearly. She highlighted the importance of how people present themselves. “Verbal communication represents just 18% of what you say, while non-verbal communication represents more than 80%”, Córdoba said. She said that facial expressions account for around 20% of non-verbal communication, gestures account for more than 40% and posture accounts for 30%. “Every facial movement means something and you can always learn more about someone through their gestures and facial expressions", Córdoba concluded.

By the end of the session, students were convinced of the importance of going to work with the motivation to develop a good innovative spirit and grow professionally.