Jordi Basté: «The Crisis May Drown Us, But Talent Always Floats»

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On Friday, 5 July 2013, journalist Jordi Basté was the keynote speaker at the graduation ceremony for the second edition of the UIC Master's Degree Programme in Sports Journalism and the eighth edition of the UIC Postgraduate Course in Sports Journalism. Basté awarded diplomas to about thirty students, who were accompanied by journalist Josep Maria Deu, the Coordinator of both programmes.

Jordi Basté: «The Crisis May Drown Us, But Talent Always Floats»

Jordi Basté, whose professional career has been centred on the world of sports, congratulated the new experts in sports journalism and advised them to hold on to their willingness to learn, listen and encourage talent and empathy.

“On the radio we do a lot of talking, but first and foremost we need to know how to listen. There is always something new to learn in this profession”, said the journalist, who has done numerous sports broadcasts and has directed sports programmes for several radio stations.

Basté went back to his beginnings and explained that he was surrounded by great professionals he could learn from. “The most important thing to keep in mind is that the people you meet know much more than you. A good journalist knows how to learn from everything”, he told the graduates. With regard to sports journalism, he described the field as an “exercise in survival. You rely on something very basic but very important: improvisation”, he said.

Finally, Basté encouraged students to commit to this profession, even in today’s economy. He reminded them that sports journalism is a profession that recognizes no timetable, but does recognize vocation. “The crisis may drown us, but talent always floats”, he said.

The UIC Postgraduate Course in Sports Journalism takes students beyond the purely informational and managerial aspects of sports journalism in its written and audiovisual forms. It offers students a solid foundation on which to enhance their professional skills through an interdisciplinary approach. The curriculum balances the technical basics of sports journalism and the economic, organizational and legal aspects of sports with fields such as sports medicine and sociology

The Master’s Degree Programme in Sports Journalism includes all the subjects of the Postgraduate Course in Sports Journalism in the Faculty of Communication Sciences and expands on them by including more credits and going into more depth on each subject.