Kim Faura: «Finding Time to Think is Key to Any Business»

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The current Managing Director of Telefónica in Catalonia visited the UIC and gave a lecture to second-year Business Administration students. He discussed his experience in the business world and talked about the characteristics of a good, enterprising leader when it comes to undertaking new projects, growing the business and managing time well.

Kim Faura: «Finding Time to Think is Key to Any Business»

Kim Faura began his professional career in Gillette in Spain and Germany and was the Vice President and General Manager of the American division of the confectionary company Chupa Chups. He has also held management positions in Sara Lee Corporation, Pepsico and Tabacalera-Altadis. Taking from his many years' experience, Faura discussed his daily practice by telling personal and professional anecdotes and insisted on the importance of finding time to think. "This time is essentially the key to success in any business", he said.

The Managing Director of Telefónica, the Spanish telecommunications provider, spoke about time management and explained how he organizes his time to answer emails, attend meetings, see clients, etc. "This aspect is extremely important to be able to make decisions", he said. In this regard, Faura discussed the motto "No stress, no innovation". “If you want to innovate, you need to question constantly what you are working on each day, even when it's going well", he said.

Ultimately, that is what being a good leader entails. “It's the person who knows what he or she wants done – and you need to have foresight as well as a clear idea of where you want to go – and lets others think about how it can be done", he said. "Believe in your product and be passionate about it”.

Faura also explained the diversification of Telefónica over the next several years and, in response to students' questions, referred to the value of the company, its financial products and services and how it goes about developing and retaining its client base.