La Clínica Universitaria de Odontología cuenta con una nueva máquina de última generación cedida por VATECH

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On Wednesday, 16 May 2012, the UIC Faculty of Dentistry signed an agreement with the South Korean multinational Vatech, the world leader in digital imaging systems and X-ray technology, through which the company has loaned the UIC the PaX-Uni3D imaging system.

The PaX-Uni3D is an imaging system designed to take dental
panoramic radiographs. It incorporates the latest in imaging technology, which
enables it to automatically optimize the image, offer a flexible 3D image,
significantly reduce X-ray exposure and offer twice as much sensitivity than
older systems such as film sensors.

Thanks to this agreement, UIC Dentistry students will
have access to practical training with this new imaging system, in line with
the Clinic’s guiding principles of innovation, quality teaching and the use of
different techniques and materials.

The agreement was arranged by José Cercos de
la Vega, the Managing Director of Vatech Spain; Valentino Cha, the Marketing Director
of Vatech; Andreu Lagè, the Head
of Sales of Vatech in Catalonia and Valencia; Antonio Barreiro, the Marketing Director
of the Barreiro Medical Group; Joan Vidal, the General Manager of the Faculty of
Dentistry and the CUO; Lluís Giner, the Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry; Leontina
Vinaixa, the CUO Director; and Jordi
Oliveró, the CUO Acquisitions Director.

The University Dental Clinic offers practical
dentistry training in 53 treatment rooms located in three general clinics, as
well as five treatment rooms in a clinic specializing in surgery.

Vatech is a South Korean
company with branches in Asia, the United States and nine European countries.
It is a leading manufacturer of dental equipment and digital imaging systems
and X-ray technology. In 2010 Vatech received three awards for its PaX-Uni3D,
PaX-Primo and PaX-Reve3D imaging systems.