Lecturer Bastida takes part in the Barcelona Activa Awards for social entrepreneurs

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He delivered a talk on the value of social entrepreneurship for society in an event organised as part of the Bizbarcelona Fair.

Lecturer Ramón Bastida recently took part in the event held to present the Barcelona Activa Social Entrepreneurship Awards, organised as part of the Bizbarcelona Fair. The lecturer in the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences at UIC Barcelona gave a talk minutes before the 15 projects were presented to the public. 

Bastida analysed the characteristics that define social enterprises and set them apart from commercially-run companies. He also discussed some of the challenges that must be met, such as aligning the mission of social enterprises with the sustainable development objectives laid down by the United Nations.

He also underscored the importance of ensuring accountability and transparency through the use of indicators that measure social impact and gender mainstreaming, avoiding wage differences and promoting participatory decision making, as well as other aspects related to improving governance models.