Lecturer Maite Fuertes represents UIC Barcelona in the MIF working group on practicums

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Maite Fuertes, a lecturer in the Faculty of Education, has been chosen as a representative in stage two of the working group on practicums, part of the MIF Programme for Improvement and Innovation in Teacher Training.

The MIF Programme, an initiative developed by the Secretariat for Universities and Research and the Government of Catalonia's Ministry of Education, has formed a working group on practicums that furthers the work performed in stage one by the faculties of education at all Catalan universities and UOC during the 2014-2015 academic year.

In stage two, the working group will include the Director of Curriculum Development for Pre-Primary and Primary Education at the Government of Catalonia's Ministry of Education, the group coordinator, two directors/coordinators of practicums at educational institutions and one representative from each of the four faculties of education from the Catalan universities that were chosen: the University of Lleida, University of Barcelona, Autonomous University of Barcelona and UIC Barcelona, the only private university.

Dr Fuertes also took part in stage one of this project, which defined the specific and cross-disciplinary competences required of education practicum supervisors at bachelor's degree level. The aim of stage two is to design an educational proposal for supervisors at educational institutions that is certified by the Government of Catalonia's Ministry of Education.