Lecturer Marian Lorente takes part in the Acupuncture Workshop on More Prevalent Pain Pathology during the 12th Pain Forum

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Dr Marian Lorente, professor of Anatomy and director of the Integrative Health and Pain Management Unit of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at UIC Barcelona, gave a presentation entitled “Trigeminal Neuralgia” during the Acupuncture Workshop on More Prevalent Pain Pathology, held on 7 May as part of the 12th Pain Forum.

In addition to the workshop, Dr Lorente, a member of the congress’ Scientific Committee, also took part in the Scientific Meeting of the Poster Defence and a round table discussion for patients organised by the Maó City Council.

The most recent edition of the Pain Forum gathered together some of the most prestigious speakers from Europe and America, who discussed the latest developments in pain management. The meeting, held in Menorca, hosted over 1,000 attendees as well as a broad range of activities.