Lourdes Cirlot, Full Professor of History of Art at the University of Barcelona (UB) patron of the new Humanities graduates

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Students from the Bachelor’s degree in Humanities and Cultural Studies and the Master’s and Postgraduate degree in Cultural Management celebrated their graduation on 6 July in the Main Lecture Hall. This year the patron for this year’s graduates was full professor of History of Art at the University of Barcelona, Lourdes Cirlot.

The event began with a few words from Marta Crispí, director of the Master’s Degree in Cultural Management. In her speech she encouraged the future graduates to access the labour market: “It is time to get out there and get into the ring and face risks, based on your experience, but also using the caution and humility of someone who is just starting out”.

Lourdes Cirlot, is Full Professor of History of Art at the UB. Through her lecture entitled “The need for culture”, Cirlot underlined the importance of creativity in the world of humanities: “The need to be creative is something inherent to humans; without that, cultural expression would be unthinkable”.

After the speeches from the class representatives, the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Judith Urbano, closed the event with her speech, aimed at professors and lecturers, family members, but above all future graduates. “This will not end here - she said to them; don’t stop reading the classics and the not-so classics, don’t stop learning, going to exhibitions, museums...”.

The graduation ceremony concluded with attendees singing gaudeamus igitur and then some refreshments were served.