Nearly 1,200 Attend This Year's Dentistry Graduation Ceremony

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Once again, the gardens at the Sant Cugat campus hosted the graduation ceremony for the UIC's Faculty of Dentistry. Graduates of bachelor's, Master's and postgraduate degree programmes, along with doctoral students, celebrated the completion of their studies in a ceremony that on this occasion included a speech from dentist Dr. Javier Gil.

Nearly 1,200 Attend This Year's Dentistry Graduation Ceremony

In total, more than 200 students (including bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and doctoral students, in addition to those undertaking clinical internships) were handed their diplomas, watched by teaching staff and relatives. The ceremony was presided over by the dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Dr. Lluís Giner, who congratulated the new UIC alumni and spoke encouragingly about their future.

The main speaker, Dr. Javier Gil, explained how he was present at the birth of the project to create the Faculty of Dentistry, and affirmed that all the years of effort, dedication and diligence from the teaching and administrative staff and other collaborators was now bearing fruit, with recognition from the dental industry of the high-quality professionals being produced by the UIC.

After the diplomas were handed out to all the graduates and postgraduates, and following a few words of thanks from the class representatives, Giner brought the ceremony to a close and the attendees went on to enjoy some light refreshments.