New Chair Promotes Family Research and Resource Transfer Between Generations

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On Wednesday, 19 March 2014, Neus Munté, the Catalan Minister for Social Welfare and Family, officially presented the new Santander IsFamily Chair (Intergenerational Solidarity in the Family) at the UIC. The chair forms part of the UIC's Institute for Advanced Family Studies (IESF) with support from Banco Santander through its Santander Universities Division.

New Chair Promotes Family Research and Resource Transfer Between Generations

Run by IESF Director Dr. Montserrat Gas, the new chair aims to promote research about the family as a context in which resources are transferred between generations. She explained, "The chair focuses on three lines of research that represent the core subjects in transfers between family and society: economics, health and education." "Above all,” she said, “it aims to be a think tank for public policy proposals."

Minister Munté said, "Historically, Catalonia has been a family-oriented society: it's a legacy that defines us and makes us proud. The family provides us with a heritage and a great many resources and we must strengthen and protect it against the growing individualization of modern societies." The Minister said that his Ministry’s family support plan was "a sign of the government's unmistakable, ongoing will to develop and improve public policies that affect families either directly or indirectly."

Luis Herrero, Banco Santander's Assistant General Director and the Regional Director for Catalonia, said, "This chair will help bring researchers from different universities and disciplines closer together, and will contribute to developing educational and research projects focused on the family in the same way as the approximately 130 chairs that Banco Santander supports throughout the world."

The presentation was presided over by Rector Pere Alavedra, who thanked Banco Santander for its commitment to the chair. The Rector reminded the audience that the UIC is strongly committed to business chairs, since they "increase the value of Catalonia." The UIC now has seven Business chairs, including this one.

Following the presentation of the chair, a roundtable discussion was held on intergenerational solidarity in the family. The participants were Dr. Concepció Patxot (Universitat de Barcelona), Dr. Aurora Bernal (Universidad de Navarra) and María Teresa Fuentes (Vianorte Laguna Foundation).