Professor Baró participates in a scientific conference in Rome

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The meeting involved a debate on Skanderbeg the Albanian 

Dr Xavier Baró, one of our professors from the Faculty of Humanities, recently participated in an international scientific conference entitled “The Skanderbeg era: between the Middle and Modern Ages in the Mediterranean” held in Rome on 27 November. The conference coincided with the commemoration of 550 years since Skanderbeg’s death. Skanderbeg was one of the last to withstand the Ottoman conquest of the Balkans. 

Baró presented a talk entitled “Skanderbeg, Albanian national hero: between myth and reality”. During his talk he reflected on Skanderbeg’s legacy and the military events he actively participated in. He also highlighted the values promoted by different peoples living together, including cultural exchange and cooperation. 

Various speakers from universities in Italy, Spain and Turkey participated in this conference, organised by the Albanian Embassy to Italy and the Spanish School of History and Archaeology located in Rome.