Professor Elizabeth Alssen gives a talk on good practices when teaching English

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Around 60 attendees were present to listen to this expert whose career in Finland spans 30 years. Finland is a clear role model in the field of education. 

Around 60 attendees including teachers and students attended the talk given by professor Elizabeth Alssen, from the University of Lapland (Finland).  Specifically, on 10 January, Alssen talked in detail about good practices to be followed when teaching English as a foreign language, with a particular focus on Lapland. 

The English teacher, who has been living in Finland for over 30 years, provided some contextual information about the country, which helped explain the nature of its education system.  Secondly, she talked about the changing status of the English language in Finnish society over the past 60 years. Thirdly, she described the general characteristics of foreign language education in schools in Finland.  

Alssen then proceeded to provide more practical information.  She offered different examples at all levels (from pre-primary education to university level education) of the various practices that are used to teach this foreign language.  

The session was moderated by Faculty of Education lecturer Maria Cerrato, who worked with Alssen during her Erasmus+ stay in Finland in February 2017.