Professor Tintoré contributes to a book on educational leadership

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The publication was authored by Portuguese lecturers Joaquim Machado and José Matias Alves.



Professor Mireia Tintoré recently contributed to the book Mérito e Justiça – Investigação e intervenção em educação [Merit and Justice: Research and Intervention in Education]. More specifically, Tintoré penned the chapter “Leadership in Schools: The Latest Trends in Research on Educational Leadership”.

The book focuses on educational leadership, in general, and leadership in the struggle for social justice, in particular.

Dr Tintoré’s chapter illustrates how research in the field of educational leadership has evolved since the 1980s and analyses the development of the main lines of research on a global scale. 

Firstly, it explores several models of educational leadership, with emphasis on new management approaches. It later discusses the professionalisation of management and the training of school leaders. And, lastly, it analyses the most successful management practices.