Projects from 17th ESARQ School of Architecture Vertical Workshop on Display at Roca Barcelona Gallery

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The project “Zill” won the 17th edition of the ESARQ School of Architecture Vertical Workshop, Washitecture: Emergency Water Architecture for Primary Schools in Morocco”, in which the students developed hygienic solutions for Moroccan schools as part of a project of the We Are Water Foundation. The prize was awarded on Thursday, 18 September 2014, at the Roca Barcelona Gallery, where the six projects completed by the students in the ESARQ School of Architecture at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC) will be on display for one month, thanks to the cooperation of Roca.

Projects from 17th ESARQ School of Architecture Vertical Workshop on Display at Roca Barcelona Gallery

This edition of the Vertical Workshop boasted an exceptional jury made up of designers Martín Azúa and Curro Claret, architects Javier García Germán and Borja Ferrater, and Xavier Torras, the Director of the We Are Water Foundation. The jury highlighted the ability of the project “Zill” to provide a simple, effective and beautiful solution to this year's problem. The solution is based on the use of materials and local techniques to create a shady space that pivots around the visibility and understanding of the complete water cycle: collection, filtration and recycling. 

The project “Barro” won the Audience Award. Those attending the inauguration and awards ceremony had the chance to vote for the solution they thought resolved this year's challenge the best. Designer Martín Azúa praised the high quality of the proposals: “It's surprising to see how well the members of the six projects distributed the work. It shows that it's the only way to handle a project like this". 

All the participants in the 17th Vertical Workshop exhibited their work at the Roca Barcelona Gallery at an exhibition organized by Roca, a manufacturer of quality bath products. Admission to the exhibition is free. The exhibition will be open from 18 September to 18 October 2014. 

Vertical Workshop 2014: Hygienic Solutions for Primary Schools in Morocco

The Vertical Workshop is a consolidated cross-cutting workshop in which students in the first to fifth years of Architecture at the ESARQ School of Architecture work in teams on a practical exercise with the help of renowned architects. Xavier Torras, the Director of the We Are Water Foundation, said, "The university-company relationship established in this kind of workshop is the model to follow when these two groups work together". This year's edition, held from 3-10 September 2014, was directed by Profs. Estel Ortega and Tomeu Ramis and coordinated by ESARQ alumni Adrián Jurado and Jaime Fernández. The workshop was also sponsored by Roca and Gabarró in collaboration with the We Are Water Foundation. Architect Borja Ferrater, who has participated in the Vertical Workshop as a student, professor, coordinator, director and jury member, said, "The workshop is a fantastic academic exercise and also provides solutions to real problems". 

With the starting point being the We Are Water Foundation's cooperation project in collaboration with UNICEF for primary schools in Zagora, the largest province in the Moroccan region of Souss-Massa-Drâa, participants were asked to develop a solution to facilitate access to water at these schools based on good design and minimal resources. “Reflecting on topics that affect more than two million people is timely; taking advantage of knowledge to solve real problems is necessary", said Xavier Torras. 

The projects, presented as life-size models, aimed to improve water, sanitation and hygiene facilities in order to create a safe environment for children and to eradicate disease. Architect Javier García Germán said, "It is essential for a School of Architecture to address the issue of water, just as it has to discuss other natural resources and energy sources”. Designer Curro Claret added, “Tapping into the perspective on reality of people who have a harder time than us is not just healthy; it's essential".