Protecting both health and the planet, the central focus of the 9th Cross-Disciplinary Workshop on Sustainability

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UIC Barcelona hosted the ninth edition of the Cross-Disciplinary Workshop on Sustainability, this year entitled “Sustainable Food: Protecting Health and the Planet”. The aim of this new edition was to take an interdisciplinary look at sustainable food and analyse the relationship between healthy eating and caring for the planet.

Through student presentations and listening and conversing with experts from different fields, this year’s workshop explored the issues such as: How does food waste relate to social justice?, How is possible that in 2017 there are still 795 million people suffering from severe malnutrition?, Is ecological agriculture sustainable?, What is the link between diet and climate change?

The workshop began with a round table discussion entitled “The Ecological Footprint of Food and Health”, which included lecturers Charo Fernández, from the University of Zaragoza, and Teresa Tilló, from the University of Barcelona, and Paco Muñoz, lecturer at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and vice-president of the Aprofitem els Aliments Platform, an initiative aimed at preventing food waste.

Late in the morning, after the students had finished presenting their interactive workshops and posters, lecturer Maria Cinque, from the university LUMSA in Rome, delivered a conference-colloquium entitled “Nutrition Education and Behaviour Change”.