Ricardo Ibarra reflects upon youth policies in the context of the current pandemic

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On Wednesday 27 May, the Childcare and Family Policies Chair, in collaboration with the Joaquim Molins Figueras Foundation, began a series of online talks titled Las políticas de familia y los derechos de los niños en tiempos de COVID-19 (Family policies and children’s rights in times of Covid-19), to which they invited Ricardo Ibarra, director of the Spanish Children’s Rights Coalition, to speak.

Ricardo Ibarra reflects upon youth policies in the context of the current pandemic
The specialist spoke about youth policies within the context of the current global pandemic: “The isolation measures have had a huge impact on society at large, especially on young people and their families, many of whom find themselves in vulnerable situations”. 
Ibarra explained how the Spanish Children’s Rights Coalition, together with 67 other organisations, has published 100 medidas para proteger a los niños y niñas durante la crisis del COVID-19 (100 measures to protect children during the Covid-19 crisis). This document is the result of an analysis carried out by the Coalition, which assessed the pandemic’s impact on young people in Spain.  He stated that “the Coalition and participating organisations are hoping that these proposed measures will help guide the Spanish government in appropriately considering children’s needs as they outline future social measures in response to Covid-19, placing particular attention on society’s most vulnerable groups: children, teenagers and their families”. 
The speaker was forceful in his speech to some 40 participants who joined the online session.  “Sweeping measures aren’t sufficient”, he warned and stressed how the isolation period has affected many families with children, leading children’s organisations to propose the need to “strengthen and improve child benefits for those that receive them”.
The session ended with an open question and answer session, which led to further debate over matters such as unaccompanied minors, the organisation of camps and summer camps, the return to school and the conciliation issues sparked by this unprecedented situation.
These events organised by the Institute of Advanced Family Studies (UIC Barcelona) are part of a series of activities scheduled for the International Day of Families, a day of celebration spearheaded by the United Nations and observed each year in May.