The Sant Cugat Health Campus hosts the 2nd Thanksgiving Event for Body Donors

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The event, organised by the Surgical and Functional Anatomy Unit, recognised the selflessness of those who donate their body to science and, through talks by Dr Ramon Cugat, Dr José Lamarca and Mr Raúl Navarro, unveiled some of the most recent developments in anatomy.

For yet another year, the Body Donation Service at UIC Barcelona and the Surgical and Functional Anatomy Unit sought to acknowledge and give thanks to all body donors for their generosity, which opens the way for substantial progress in the field of medicine through research and education.

The event was attended by donors and their family members, as well as a large group of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing and Physiotherapy students. Dr Albert Balaguer, dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, was the person charged with welcoming the attendees. Afterwards, Dr Albert Pérez, coordinator of the Body Donation Service, underscored the generosity of the donors, which enables progress to be made on a daily basis in the field of anatomy in terms of both teaching and research.

The importance of body donors was made patent by the speeches given by the guest professionals, who showed attendees the scientific advancements that have been made in the fields of anatomy, orthopaedics and ophthalmology. Raúl Navarro and Mathias Simon, Physiotherapy students and Anatomy interns, presented the study “Effects of electrical stimulation in PNF stretching”. Afterwards, Dr Ramon Cugat, traumatologist for the Footballers’ Mutual Insurance Company of Catalonia, the Garcia Cugat Foundation and Hospital Quirón Barcelona, shared his extensive experience in a talk titled “Importance of anatomy with regards to advances in knee surgery”. Lastly, Dr José Lamarca, ophthalmologist at the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre, delivered the conference “Importance of anatomy with regards to advances in eye surgery”.

Dr Pedro Álvarez, traumatologist and coordinator of the Surgical and Functional Anatomy Unit, wrapped up the event by presenting the new Body Donation Service webpage.