Second edition of the Tutorial Training Programme for teachers

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This course, organised by the Institute for Advanced Family Studies, looks to adapt to the needs of teachers and improve interaction between families and schools.

The second edition of the Tutorial Training Programme, taught by the Institute for Advanced Family Studies (IESF), began in late October. This year’s participants include 25 pre-primary education tutors from various Catalan schools affiliated with the Family Education Institute. Each month, the participants attend a session at the university.

The course was organised in efforts to improve the channels for interaction between families and schools, and one of the means to doing this is by strengthening the strategic role of the tutors: real agents of change. “To make this possible, we need up-to-date training on cases involving modern families, as well as information on new methodologies, resources, materials and tools, among other things”, commented Consuelo León, director of the Institute’s Family Policies Observatory.

The objectives of the programme revolve around reinforcing the parents’ leading role in education, providing new educational strategies for the family circle and building bridges between families and schools that complement the institutions’ pedagogic approach.

The Institute for Advanced Family Studies is the first institute of its kind in Spain at university level, and its actions and activities are primarily concerned with family policies.