Secondary School Students Become Media Professionals for a Day at ComuniKa Open House

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On Saturday, 6 April 2013, ten students in their last year of secondary school interested in studying Audiovisual Communication, Journalism or Advertising participated in the ComuniKa open house, which was organized by the Faculty of Communication Sciences together with Admissions and Information Services. During the event, the students had to brainstorm, create, film and produce a television commercial at Digital Media Studios.

The open house lasted all morning and was coordinated by Dr. Ricard Mamblona, a professor in the Faculty of Communication Sciences, and Pura Pastor, a member of Admissions and Information Services.

Mamblona first showed the students the video of the winning commercial from the previous edition of ComuniKa. He then explained the task at hand and gave the students a briefing on what had to be done in the process of creating a commercial. The students then had to create a slogan for the commercial and film the images needed for the video. The final product was subsequently edited in the faculty's editing rooms.

ComuniKa is a competition through which the Faculty of Communication Sciences makes its facilities available (television studio, radio station, video editing rooms, multimedia rooms, etc.) so that students in their last year of secondary school can explore and discover the specific area in the world of communication that most appeals to them. Future ComuniKa open houses will be held on 13 and 27 April.

At 6 p.m. on Thursday, 2 May 2013, an awards ceremony will be held. The jury will be made up of communication professionals and awards will be given in different categories. The first-place winners will receive a 50% discount on the enrolment fee for the first year of any degree programme in the UIC Faculty of Communication Sciences, as well as an iPod Shuffle. The second-place winners will be awarded an iPod Shuffle and the third-place winners will receive a Marathon bag from the Munich brand.