Sin correspondencia won best short film at the 2017 IMMA awards

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Yesterday afternoon the VII edition of the IMMA Awards took place, an audiovisual event which showcases Audiovisual Communication students final degree projects.  This year the projects presented were three short films. 

The prize for best project was awarded to 4th year Audiovisual Communication students Nuria Audi, Santi Gilabert, Luis Meseguer, Alfonso Ruata, Santiago Rubiras for the short film called Sin correspondencia. Cinema director Nely Reguera, the patron of the event, handed out the award and said that the project stood out “due to its consistency and execution, reflected by the good work undertaken in terms of production, casting, script, the director’s vision and a tone that is suited to romantic comedy”.

On the other hand, distinctions were awarded to two other final degree projects, #Follow Me and Sola, the first created by students Leandro Alvarado, Edu Del Campo, Astrid Lara and Aleix Sicras, and the second by students David Masiá, Sonia Valls, Jaume Roma and Sofía Martínez.

The audience also had the opportunity to act as “critics” and evaluate which project they thought was best. The audience prize was also awarded to the romantic comedy Sin correspondencia.

At this new edition of the IMMA Awards, there was also a prize for the best project from the 2016-2017 academic year, in which all Bachelor’s degree students participated.  Marco Borrás, a 2nd year Audiovisual Communication student was given this award, for his project entitled “Video-Presentación”.

In this category, distinctions were also awarded to 4th year Audiovisual student Alfred Garcia, for his project called Let me go, and to 1st year students Tono Vega, Pablo Gimeno and Francesc Balada, for their project called Café frío.