Success of the first ONE (On Ethics) seminar organised by UIC Barcelona

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The seminar enabled the exchange of teaching experiences and the establishing of educational synergies in the field of ethics and bioethics.

Success of the first ONE (On Ethics) seminar organised by UIC Barcelona

The Aula Jardí room at UIC Barcelona hosted the first ONE (On Ethics) seminar, aimed at reflection and the exchange of education and research experiences between university directors and lecturers in ethics and bioethics, to find common ground and establish synergies in this field. The seminar, organised by the Office of the Vice-Rector for Research, brought together 24 UIC Barcelona lecturers and researchers, who were able to learn about different cases of applied ethics and bioethics in the academic and research field.

The Vice-Rector for Research, Jordi Villà, presented the seminar, underlining the importance of having windows for dialogue and cooperation to give impetus to research. The two coordinators of the seminar, Dr Magdalena Bosch and Dr Josep Maria Guardiola, gave the first presentation, defining the objectives of the meeting.

In terms of teaching experiences, all the participants were able to put forward their special teaching interests: teaching methods, content or interaction with students. Other issues of mutual interest were also noted with a view to continue working together on them.

In the field of research, Dr Miquel Bastons presented a number of research experiences in ethics and Dr Abel Miro talked about ethics in research for doctoral students. Subsequently, Dr Lluís Giner discussed ethics in the praxis of the professional relationship at the University Clinic, while the dean of UIC Barcelona Faculty of Communication Sciences, Dr Alfonso Mendiz, talked about the importance of professional ethics and shared the key principles about the ethics of advertising. Lastly, the lecturer and Director of the Office of Cooperation and Sustainable Development, Silvia Albareda, presented the project funded by the Agency for Management of University and Research Grants, AGAUR, on religions and sustainability.

Dr Josep Maria Guardiola closed the seminar by summing up some of the most important points. The Vice-Rector for the University Community, Dr Belén Zárate, also attended the seminar.