#SummerUICBarcelona is here

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For the first time ever, UIC Barcelona is organising, from 10-14 July, a week of learning that will introduce upper-secondary students and 1st and 2nd-year undergraduates from all universities to the world of medicine and health sciences and the world of business and entrepreneurship.

#SummerUICBarcelona is here

It is the first time the University has organised an educational initiative of this kind. Intended for upper-secondary students and 1st and 2nd-year undergraduates from any university, these summer courses include visits to companies and health centres, workshops, cultural and educational activities and round tables.

The aim of #SummerUICBarcelona is to provide a solid, week-long university experience and fill part of the free time these young men and women have in the summer with high-quality training.

As regards the course on the world of business, participants will have a chance to attend sessions led by prominent figures such as Leopoldo Abadía, author of the concept The Ninja Crisis; Antoni Abad, president of CECOT; Antonio González Barros, president of Grupo Intercom; and Sergio García, marketing director for Tous Watches, etc.

As for the course on medicine and health sciences, it will feature experts in biomechanics and biomaterials, paediatricians, oncologists and psychiatrists, people such as the former Minister of Health for the Government of Catalonia, Boi Ruiz, the rector of UIC Barcelona, Xavier Gil and full professor of Paediatrics Josep Argemí.

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