Three students from the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences selected for the CYD Foundation’s Mentoring Programme

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Three students from the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences from UIC Barcelona have been selected to participate in the CYD Foundation’s Mentoring Programme, a business initiative which aims to promote the contribution of universities to social and economic development in the country. 

Three students from the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences selected for the CYD Foundation’s Mentoring Programme

The CYD Foundation’s Mentoring Programme, set up in 2014, put the best students into contact with the best executives in Spain. The CYD Mentoring Programme brings together the talent of final-year university students who have an excellent academic record (the mentees) with renowned senior managers from major Spanish companies (the mentors), who are members of the CYD Foundation’s Board of Trustees.  

For this edition, 83 candidates put themselves forward as mentees across Spain, out of whom 36 were selected.  Out of these, almost a quarter are UIC Barcelona students, since eight students from the faculties of Law, Communication Sciences and Economic and Social Sciences were selected. This is the first year the university has put forward candidates to participate in this programme.   

These are the selected students from our faculty and the mentors they will have: 

Maria Carmen Pérez, ADE student. Mentor: Miguel Ángel Zarza, planning, consolidation and reporting director at Suez Spain (Grupo Agbar).

Carlota Roure, ADE student. Mentor: Dulcinea Mejide, sustainable development director at Suez Spain (Grupo Agbar).

Francesc Gubert, ADE student. Mentor: Carlos Manubens, co-founder and managing director of Manubens Abogados. 

Over the next six months, mentors will make themselves available to mentees and help them identify, develop and enhance the skills they need to achieve professional and personal success. They will provide them with tools, opportunities for networking and decision-making support during a period of time that is crucial in terms of their professional future. 

UIC Barcelona students’ participation in the programme was managed by Professional Careers Management, which provided support when putting themselves forward as candidates and helped arrange their attendance at the presentation of the programme in Madrid, on 22 March.