Three UIC Barcelona doctoral students are awarded an Industrial Doctorate to undertake their doctoral thesis in cooperation with a company

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Three candidates from UIC Barcelona applied for the 2016 call, two from the field of economic sciences and one from dentistry.  All three of them were awarded a grant to undertake an industrial doctorate. 

In the field of economic sciences, Ricard Benguria will join Aguas de Barcelona, ​​S.A. to study "El desarrollo de la sostenibilidad desde la misión corporativa”, supervised by professor Miquel Cannes. On the other hand, Carlos Cosials will undertake his doctoral thesis on “Recurrent outcomes in the industry´s servitization” at Integral Innovation Solutions, S.L., supervised by professors Frederic Marimon and Josep Casanovas (UPC).

In the field of dentistry, Rodrigo Clavel will complete his doctoral thesis on "Ajuste y microfiltración de estructuras CAD / CAM atornilladas sobre implantes angulados” at Lyra Iberia, S.L, supervised by professor Lluís Giner.

These doctoral students will be trained in a highly innovative environment and have two supervisors, one from the academic world and one from the world of business, within the framework of a three year work contract with various advantages, such as free enrolment and mobility opportunities.  This industrial doctorate promotes the transfer of knowledge and reinforces links between the university and the world of business.

The Industrial Doctorate Plan is an initiative that is funded by the Catalan Government with the aim of promoting strategic research projects within the business sector, which promote training in research for doctoral students. This is to help ensure that they will be able to write up their doctoral thesis as a result of participation in the project.