The title of the book is: “Fred Flintstone is in Heaven”

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This was the fun conclusion of a talk by Professor Juan María Guasch, in the first session of the Theology Classroom, entitled “The joy of the Gospel”. This seminar was aimed at students and PAS and PDI staff from the university who are interested in looking more in-depth into the Catholic faith within an atmosphere of university freedom.

The title of the book is: “Fred Flintstone is in Heaven”

The talk was given by Dr Juan Maria Guasch Borrat, holder of a DPhil from the University of Navarra and a professor at the University of Sabana (Columbia). Throughout this trimester, Guasch will give a series of sessions on theology, “the science of faith”, on Fridays. “It is about looking more in-depth into the word of God, but without destroying it”, he said.

In the first session, professor Guasch talked about the accessibility of God and how Christian faith has reached us and also the opportunities we have to reach it. Therefore, although for people of faith “the next few years could be real catacombs”, the professor from La Sabana talked about optimism and trust in God “who is always among us”, and also said we should remain calm because “the devil is envious of man because man is also spirit, but he has time to think about him”.

Throughout his speech, full of anecdotes and high level academic statements, Guasch said that “God gives to each of us depending on his possibilities”. For that reason, half-jokingly, he admitted that he would like to write a book, “which would be entitled: “Fred Flintstone is in Heaven”.

The Theology Classroom will take place every Friday of the academic year until 16 June, in the Faculty of Humanities at UIC Barcelona.