Toni Solanas Participates in Barcelona Architecture and Health Conference

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On Thursday and Friday, 21-22 May 2015, ESARQ School of Architecture lecturer Toni Solanas moderated two roundtable discussions at the Third Architecture and Health Conference, which was held in the Architects’ Association of Catalonia’s Barcelona conference hall. 

Toni Solanas Participates in Barcelona Architecture and Health Conference

Image: © Caitlin Moore, building of Anupama Kundo

Anupama Kundoo, an Indian architect with studios in Auroville and Madrid and a strong committed to sustainability, made a special appearance at the conference. Material research and experimentation have also been fundamental to her work, which seeks to produce innovative, socioeconomically suitable architecture that has a minimal impact on the environment.

The conference was divided into four roundtable discussions, two per day, and one main lecture given by Anupama Kundoo. The discussions approached architecture and health from different angles. The first focused on sustainability and health. The second and third, moderated by Toni Solanas, took a look at good architectural practices and presented models for self-sustaining, community architecture. The last considered progress, technology and industrialization of healthy processes in architecture.

The Architecture and Health Conference is an international event that focuses on bioarchitecture. It includes lectures and interdisciplinary roundtable discussions that consider different ways of tackling the challenges facing the sector.