Two UIC Master's Students Awarded Carolina Foundation Scholarships

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Karina Bolio from Mexico and Eduardo Carrera from Ecuador have been awarded scholarships from the Carolina Foundation. Both students are enrolled in the UIC Master's Programme in Arts and Cultural Management. The scholarships are awarded for academic excellence and professional experience.

Two UIC Master's Students Awarded Carolina Foundation Scholarships

In its call for applications for the 2014-2015 academic year, the Carolina Foundation has awarded scholarships to Karina Bolio and Eduardo Carrera to enrol in the UIC Master's Programme in Arts and Cultural Management.

The Carolina Foundation was created to promote cultural relations and educational and scientific cooperation between Spain and the members of the Ibero-American Community of Nations, as well as with other countries with special historical, cultural and geographic ties. The Foundation offers more than 300 scholarships to degree-holding Latin American students who want to complete their studies with a master's, postgraduate or doctoral degree in Spain.

Being awarded one of these internationally renowned scholarships is, according to Karina Bolio, "a great achievement and an excellent opportunity to continue my professional training". For Eduardo Carrera, the other scholarship winner, "the scholarship means having a period of time to think about my work as a cultural manager, look back on my former job and assess my successes and shortcomings. It also gives me the chance to look towards the future with a commitment to make improvements in my professional context."

The UIC's Master's Degree Programme in Arts and Cultural Management takes a profoundly practical approach and aims to promote the professional skills of future cultural managers. All this is achieved through lectures, the study of cases with active professionals, internships at cultural institutions and companies in Barcelona, the rest of Spain and the world, and a cultural project applied to a very specific real situation.

The UIC offers the master's programme in Spanish and English. In the 2014-2015 academic year, more than 50 students from 25 different countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas are enrolled in the two different versions of the master's programme (thirteenth year of the Spanish edition and sixth year of the edition in English).