The UIC Attends Teknon's Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Week

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The UIC's Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences hosted the session held on Thursday, 24 October 2013, of the 3rd Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Week organized by Teknon Medical Centre and the Teknon Foundation.

The UIC Attends Teknon's Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Week

The conference is primarily aimed at healthcare professionals and patients, but on Thursday, it moved into the classroom and UIC’s Nursing students were able to benefit from its contents. The 3rd Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Week ended on Saturday, 26 October 2013. It explored Teknon Patient Blood Management’s latest advances in bloodless strategies and focused on protocols applied in the specializations of intensive care, paediatrics and oncology. Teknon Patient Blood Management is a novel concept that promotes optimal, rational use of blood through planning and preventive strategies, and the proactive participation of a team of professionals throughout the patient’s medical and surgical care.

One of the fundamental pillars of bloodless medicine and surgery is the fight against anaemia, especially in the most vulnerable groups such as middle-aged women, the elderly, cancer patients and people who are scheduled for an operation. Following a surgical procedure, patients with anaemia have a greater risk of infection, a longer healing period and more complications compared with those who are not anaemic. According to Dr. Javier Soler, the medical coordinator of the Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Unit (UMCSS) at Teknon Medical Centre, who read a paper at the event on Thursday, “Anaemia can become serious in 30% of patients in at-risk groups. Patients with severe anaemia are also often candidates for blood transfusions, which in some cases can extend their hospital stays”.

UIC Nursing professor Jordi Castillo chaired the portion of the event hosted at the UIC. Several UMCSS professionals took part, among them UIC professor María José Casas. The event was broadcast live on and the UIC streamed some of Thursday’s events.