UIC Barcelona and Boston University unite to offer two double degrees in Cultural Management

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The Rector of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC Barcelona), Dr Xavier Gil, and Martin J. Howard, Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer at Boston University, have signed an agreement under which students from UIC Barcelona will be able to earn a double degree.

The agreement will enable UIC Barcelona students to complement their University Master’s Degree in Cultural Management with a Master of Science in Arts Administration (in two academic years) or a Postgraduate Degree in Arts Management. In both cases, the process is the same: UIC Barcelona students will, after completing their Master’s degree, travel to Boston and enrol in the Master’s or postgraduate programme. With the former option, students will also have the chance to earn a Graduate Certificate in Fundraising Management, depending on the electives they choose as part of the Master’s degree at Boston University. 

This new double degree makes the University Master’s Degree in Cultural Management at UIC Barcelona the first Master’s degree to offer a dual qualification of this kind with a foreign university. 

This new formula offers students a host of advantages: this agreement will substantially reduce the cost of tuition at Boston University for students from UIC Barcelona (almost 50% less in the case of the Master’s degree). Furthermore, participants in these double Master’s degrees will also have the option to do a four-month work placement in the United States and secure a 12-month work permit. This will afford them work experience in a cultural ecosystem that is different from that of Europe. 

In the words of Marta Crispí, director of the University Master’s Degree in Cultural Management at UIC Barcelona, “the double degree and postgraduate option at Boston University widens the choice of Cultural Management programmes at UIC Barcelona and reinforces the Master’s degree’s international profile. It also adds a specialisation in fundraising, which is something we do not currently offer, is yet to be fully developed and will be a major line of action in the future for European cultural institutions.” 

The University Master’s Degree in Cultural Management (official degree) has already been held fifteen times in Spanish and eight in English, with over 490 former students. The Master's degree takes a practical approach and has a strong international outlook. It has a tight-knit relationship with Barcelona, home to a world-class selection of cultural activities and globally-significant projects. The classes are combined with study visits to cultural facilities and institutions, where students learn directly from managers. The programme also includes lectures and workshops led by national and international experts.