UIC Barcelona and the Fundación Hestia create the Hestia Chair in Integrated Health and Social Care

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UIC Barcelona and the Fundación Hestia have reached an agreement for the creation of the Hestia Chair in Integrated Health and Social Care. The new chair will be directed by Dr Xavier Corbella, vice-dean of Institutional Relations and Continuing Education for the University’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

The main aim of the initiative is to raise social awareness of the growing number of people with elevated complex chronic health and social needs. The Hestia Chair also seeks to increase, in terms of both quality and quantity, training and research on the best practices for tackling determinants of vulnerability, such as ageing, chronicity, multimorbidity and dependency.

The Fundación Hestia is a non-profit organisation under the auspices of Hestia Alliance, which aims to improve quality of life for the socially vulnerable and legally incapacitated. It also strives to defend their rights, promote their personal autonomy and provide advice to family members. Its main function is to act as a guardian for vulnerable people in the areas of mental health and dependency. Research and teaching are among the Foundation's other priorities and the reason behind its sponsorship of the Hestia Chair in partnership with the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya.

Present at the signing of the agreement were, on behalf of UIC Barcelona, the rector, Dr Xavier Gil, and, on behalf of the Fundación Hestia, Ms Eva Luque, director of the Legal Department at Hestia Alliance, and Dr Susan Subirà, president of the Foundation.