UIC Barcelona in attendance at “Teaching Night”.

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Last Friday, Xavier Gil, rector of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, and Esther Jiménez, Dean of the Faculty of Education, were present at the 37th edition of “Teaching Night”. This is an event aimed at managerial staff from the field of education, organised by Santillana publishers. The Rector and the Dean were the only representatives from the university sector.  More than 400 people from the private and semi-private education sectors attended this event. 

The Rector was quoted in different speeches, among others that of the Minister for Education in the Catalan Generalitat, Meritxell Ruiz, who he was able to talk to afterwards. He also was able to talk to Enric Puig, general secretary of the Christian School Foundation, the main patron for semi-private schools, Ignacio Santillana, president of Grupo Santillana and Artur Font, general sales manager for the Mediterranean area at Grupo Santillana.

Esther Jiménez was also able to introduce him to Josep Ragull, member of the board of the Federation of Autonomous Learning Centres of Catalonia, and to other managerial staff members from various schools.