UIC Barcelona creates a Teaching Innovation Centre

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The University has created a Teaching Innovation Centre, the result of an initiative supported by the Puig Foundation that aims to embrace any activity related to innovation in the classroom. The purpose of the centre is to recognise and foster innovative teaching initiatives from the perspectives of both methodology and technological research and development.

UIC Barcelona creates a Teaching Innovation Centre

The main objectives of this project are, amongst others, to encourage teaching staff to be interested in improving teaching methods, to centralise knowledge with regard to teaching innovation and to offer it as a service to the UIC Barcelona community, thereby achieving excellence in everything related to teaching techniques.

Elena Santa María, member of the UIC Barcelona Educational Innovation and Quality Service (SIQE) and coordinator of the Centre, explains that its creation is the fruit of  “the teaching staff's growing interest in implementing initiatives and projects of this variety and the need for the university to take up a competitive position in this field”.

The team running the project is made up on the one hand by lecturers Carlos de Miranda, from the Faculty of Law; Pilar Fuster, from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences; Eva Perdiguer, from the Faculty of Education and then, on the other, Elena Santa María (SIQE) and Carles Rius, from the Department of Technological Innovation.