UIC Barcelona launches a new doctoral programme in Communication, Education and Humanities

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The aim behind this doctoral programme is to train researchers and specialists who are capable of providing a response, within their field, to problems in today’s society.  It will provide in-depth and good quality training, which will allow for the new doctors to re-join society as leaders of social change in order to face the big challenges that will need to be tackled.

This doctoral programme will tackle issues that affect contemporary society from a communicative, educational and human perspective. It will set out problems in a holistic way, studying the different aspects that these types of problems necessarily involve as they develop and reaching an overall comprehension of them and conclusions that will provide solutions to each and every one of their aspects.

The unique and distinctive feature of this new doctoral programme is the interdisciplinary nature of its scientific approach and methodological alignment in the study of communicative, educational and human phenomena. This is where the unity of the programme lies. Because it does not simply mean bringing together three scientific fields that are similar in many areas (educational problems are also human problems and communication problems and viceversa), since they are also interconnected in terms of their approach, development and resolution.

The Doctorate in Communication, Education and Humanities therefore aims to satisfy student demands, as well as other more specific social demands, both at a local and a general level, in relation to these three areas.

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