UIC Barcelona once again celebrates Cultural Week

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For one year more our university recently dedicated a week to culture.  Cultural Week this year was celebrated around the time of Saint George’s Day, and was full of activities for all types of audiences. Cinema, literature, painting, music, theatre; over these few days all of these types of initiatives were organised.  Culture flowed on both our Barcelona and our Sant Cugat campuses.  The activities that have now become traditional and the new ones all converged to create an extraordinary atmosphere all based around knowledge.

UIC Barcelona once again celebrates Cultural Week

Everyone found their own place in all this. The Reading and Cinema groups opened Cultural Week with an activity they had organised together. On Monday we also heard about the situation of Christians in the Middle East.  On Wednesday, the UIC Barcelona Theatre Group was in charge of reflecting our society in their play entitled "Barcelona Experience". The play provided an accurate reflection of being human today.

The competitions and sports activities should also not be forgotten. The 7-Aside Football Rector’s Tournament was held today, and a Trivial Pursuit Marathon was also held both on our Barcelona and our Sant Cugat campuses. Music was also supposed to play a crucial role this week, however the rain meant this could not happen. The Maria Canals International Competition initiative which involved placing a piano on each campus will have to wait until 27 April. The Literary Aperitif has also been postponed, and will take place next Monday.

Tuesday was a special day.  Culture gave way to solidarity.  The whole university community worked together to achieve the six objectives that had been set out. Through help from everyone, we made all the #UICsocialsday missions possible.