UIC Barcelona signs an agreement with Berkeley to send students to their Summer School

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In January an agreement signed by the two universities came into force. Via this agreement UIC Barcelona students will be able to take the Summer Courses offered by Berkeley and also gain credits that will be officially recognised as part of their degree programme. 

UIC Barcelona signs an agreement with Berkeley to send students to their Summer School

The University of California- Berkeley, is one of the five best universities in the world and is also ranked number one among US state universities, has shown an interest in receiving students from UIC Barcelona.  Out of the 70 partners it has around the world, UIC Barcelona has now become the first partner Berkeley has in Spain.

This agreement, which took a long time to fall into place, started to take shape during an institutional visit by a delegation from the Californian institution to the facilities on our Barcelona and Sant Cugat campuses. The agreement was finally made official in December last year.

The relationship that has been established also includes research visits.  Our Vice-Rector for Academic Organisation and Teaching Staff, Dr Jaume Armengou, who is also the instigator of this agreement, undertook a research visit there for a year during 2012. Jasmina Berbegal, a lecturer from the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences will carry out another research visit there for a period of three months.

The summer school agreement will be applicable throughout this academic year for students from the faculties of Humanities, Law, Communication and the School of Architecture. During the following academic year (2016-2017) it will also be extended to the faculties of Medicine and Health Sciences, as well as Economic and Social Sciences.

Attendance at the Berkeley summer school will be officially recognised at UIC Barcelona as credits for the aforementioned degree programmes.  Students who are interested in attending the summer school must accredit a level of English equivalent to a Certificate of Advanced English (CAE), and can undertake the application process by approaching the international area in their respective faculties.

The duration of the summer school courses will be between 6 and 12 weeks and will be held between 23 of May and 12 August.  Registration must be complete a minimum of 5 weeks in advance.