UIC Barcelona signs an agreement with EAP Sardenya which means it will become the first university primary healthcare centre in the country

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The Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC Barcelona) and the Sardenya Team Primary Healthcare Centre have signed an agreement to make the links between the field of teaching and family and community health research stronger. Due to the fact the two institutions signed this agreement this means that EAP Sardenya can achieve the status of a university centre officially, and it is the first primary healthcare centre in Spain to receive this seal of quality.

Cooperation between the two institutions is established in terms of clinical and healthcare training for UIC Barcelona students, with the aim of maintaining the qualifications of healthcare professionals at the highest possible level. The aim of the agreement is to promote the correct use of the healthcare, human and material resources at EAP Sardenya for current and future university teaching, at all university levels, thus promoting their use and ensuring a continuous improvement of quality.

By signing this agreement both institutions commit to putting into practice new teaching and research projects, particularly those that are aimed at research in the field of family and community health and primary healthcare.

“At UIC Barcelona we place a strong emphasis on primary healthcare and family medicine. EAP Sardenya has long experience in healthcare, teaching and quality research. Through this agreement, we would like to take advantage of this great potential and also underline the excellence of their centre, by awarding them highly deserved academic recognition”, states Albert Balaguer, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at UIC Barcelona.

On the other hand, Jaume Sellarés, director of EAP Sardenya, stated that “the university recognition awarded to us by UIC Barcelona consolidates our experience in the healthcare, teaching and research fields in primary healthcare. To be the first Primary Healthcare Centre with university recognition is both a source of pride and a responsibility and will contribute to even closer cooperation between the university and Primary Healthcare”.

Xavier Gil, rector of UIC Barcelona, Albert Balaguer, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Jaume Sellarés, director of EAP Sardenya, and Albert Casasa, Head of Studies at the same organisation, were all present when the agreement was signed.