UIC Barcelona takes part in the International Conference on Sustainable Development

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Silvia Albareda and Montserrat Gas presented a paper on "Religions and Global Sustainability: Sustainability and Religions Watch in Catalonia" at the 4th International Conference on Sustainable Development, which took place in Rome on 16 and 17 September.

The two UIC Barcelona lecturers presented the results of an empirical research project carried out in 2015, which explored ways in which religions contribute to integral sustainability in Catalonia. The project was financed by the Government of Catalonia's Directorate-General for Religious Affairs, as part of the RELIG 2014 call. Additional collaborators included the Stable Work Group on Religions (GTER), which entered into an agreement with UIC Barcelona to promote research on religion.

The inquiry found that, while numerous religiously-affiliated initiatives help promote sustainability on a socio-cultural and socio-economic level, none –not visibly at least–promote environmental sustainability, though most of the religious leaders interviewed expressed positive and specific concerns about the state of the planet. One of the results of the research was the launch of the Sustainability and Religions Watch in Catalonia, which aims to make religious contributions to the sustainable development of society more visible. The oral presentation was published in issue 5 of the European Journal of Sustainable Development, an indexed journal published by the European Centre of Sustainable Development.