UIC Barcelona welcomes its first Experience Campus students

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Classes for the introductory module to our Experience Campus began on 25 April at UIC Barcelona. This week new students participated in a welcome session given by the university’s Student Services office. 

UIC Barcelona welcomes its first Experience Campus students

More than 40 people signed up for the module, which includes two theoretical and practical subjects. The first subject ‘History and Heritage’ taught by Dr Judith Urbano and Dr Xavier Baró, focused on basic topics from the past, which have made an impact on the present, from a historical and heritage related perspective. The purpose of the second subject ‘Learning to learn: tools for a new stage in life’ is to learn and work on two fundamental aspects of all types of learning: affectivity and productivity. This subject was taught by Dr Salvador Vidal. 

Students taking this module are also eligible to participate in Catalan and English courses or a training course in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Those who have little experience in technology can acquire more skills for using computers, mobiles and social networks.  

The Experience Campus, aimed at mature students, is an academic learning project that encourages an interest in new areas of knowledge and prepares participants to take on responsibility for new tasks, through continuous learning and social relations.  In short, the aim behind this Campus is to ensure participants remain active and to help them increase their quality of life.