UIC Sponsors Humanities and Cultural Studies Degree Programme

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The motivation behind the sponsorship is the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya's conviction that modern society is experiencing not only an economic crisis but a crisis in the transmission of inherited values through culture. For that reason, the University is investing in training for cultural professionals who can transmit human values through their personal and professional lives.

Starting next academic year, students who enrol in the Humanities and Cultural Studies degree programme will only have to pay half the enrolment fee. The UIC will cover 50% of the current cost per credit, so students will only have to pay €3540 for the 60 credits in one academic year.

Dr. Teresa Vallès, the Dean of the Faculty, said, “The UIC's sponsorship of the Humanities and Cultural Studies degree represents a firm commitment to a society steeped in humanism and to the training of cultural professionals who play a key role in social progress. The message couldn't be clearer: the Humanities form part of the solution to the problems faced by society today”.

The UIC is committed to training professionals in the field of culture who are capable of transmitting this heritage through their work and personal life. In short, the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya's sense of social responsibility is the driving force behind this resolve to provide more students with the opportunity to study this degree taught by the Faculty of Humanities.