«That Will Be the Day» Wins Best Project at 5th IMMA Awards

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The project «Ni Pío» won four awards and «That Will Be the Day» won three, one of which was for Best Project, which assesses the overall quality of the project. «Reflejos» was also among the winning projects. The 5th edition of the IMMA Awards, organized by the Faculty of Communication Sciences, was held on Thursday, 12 June 2014, in the UIC's main lecture hall.

«That Will Be the Day» Wins Best Project at 5th IMMA Awards

The event was hosted by Borja Cobeaga and Diego San José, the scriptwriters of the film Ocho Apellidos Vascos, and was attended by more than 300 people, including Faculty students, members of the technical and artistic teams of each project, as well as members of their respective families. The IMMA Awards showcase a screening of each of the Final Projects done by Audiovisual Communication students at the Faculty. The Awards also bring students into contact with well-known figures in the audiovisual industry, who give them important feedback on their work and encourage them to grow professionally.

The winners of the 2014 edition were "Ni Pío", by Pol Codina, Pau Estella, Josep Payeras, Javier Serrano and Joan Vicente, with awards for Best Photography, Best Production, Best Soundtrack and Best Director; and “That Will Be the Day”, by Andrea Recoder, Mario Hernández, Itziar Boix, Josep Maria Parcerisa, Iris Álvarez and Albert Escuder, with awards for Best Project, Best Artistic Direction and the Best Actor award for Christian López Lamelas. “Reflejos”, by Marina Vallés, Alex Sellés, Marta Amatllé, Marta Caderot and Xavi Ruiz, won the awards for Best Script and Best Editing.

Other finalists were "App to You" by Meritxell Fortuny, Victoria Hernández and Ariadna Martín; and “Oportunidades del Siglo XXI” by Lala Aguilera and Sara Monge.

This year the panel of judges was made up of Itziar Baztarrica, an expert in creation and development of audiovisual content; Gerard Casau, a film and music critic who writes for Rockdelux, Time Out Barcelona, and Dirigido por... ; Berta Ros, a composer of soundtracks for short films and documentaries; and Enrique Ros, a film and television scriptwriter with an intense international career.

The event concluded with a screening of La Lista, a short film made by first- and second-year students at the UIC and Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF).