The writer Sílvia Soler hands out prizes for the Short Story Competition at the Faculty of Communication Sciences

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The journalist and novelist Silvia Soler awarded the two prizes for the Sant Jordi Short Story Competition in the Faculty of Communication on Wednesday 19 April. The competition was aimed at second year Spanish upper - secondary school students.  The jury, consisting of Dean of the Faculty, Alfonso Méndiz, and writer and lecturer Carla Gracia, decided to also award three stories that came very close to winning. 

A pupil called Carla Blanes, from Carrasco Formiguera High School in Barcelona, won first prize for Qüestió de sort, “a story- according to Alfonso Méndiz– that was well-structured, narrated fluently and had a sensitivity and maturity which stood out due to the careful wording and its strong journalistic grounding, it was full of promise”. Second prize was awarded to Natalia di Ronza, from San Ignacio de Sarriá school, whose story was entitled El primer abrazo “It is an emotional story containing literary images that allow you to see a good future writer underneath it all”.

The jury also distinguished the following three stories by awarding them nominations:  Hablar sin decir palabra by Ada Fernández, a pupil at Montclar school; Bruno, Pablo y la música de la esperanza by Max Calavera, from Jesús María school; and Una vida escondida by Patricia Pérez, from Badalona VII High School.

At the event, and before reading out the jury’s verdict, lecturer Carla Gracia interviewed Silvia Soler, who talked about the importance of reading in order to become a good writer and about her work methodology.  At the end of the event, the winner read out her winning story.