Academic Excellence Scholarship - Law


The scholarship covers until 80%* of tuition fees for each year of your degree programme. With this scholarship, the cost of tuition is approximately €1,800 per year*, a similar amount to tuition fees at public universities. Students awarded this scholarship are also eligible for UIC Barcelona's discount for large families. Pending approval


  1. 3 May 2019: AcademicExcellence Scholarship examinations

The final decision on the Academic Excellence Scholarship is solely the responsibility of the Scholarships Committee, which reserves the right to accept or reject any application. 

For further information, please contact:

Head of Admissions for Law
Tel.: (+34) 93 254 18 00

Cristina Vallès

Terms and conditions of the scholarship – 2019-2020 academic year

The number of scholarships is limited. The applicant must meet the following eligibility requirements, though there is no guarantee of a scholarship being awarded:

Academic requirements

  1. Have an average mark of 8* or higher from their first year of upper secondary education. Pending approval
  2. Pass UIC Barcelona's specific entrance exam for law students for the Academic Excellence Scholarship.

Financial requirements

None. For reasons detailed above, since the scholarship aims to reward talent and effort, the scholarship programme does not take into account the personal or family financial situation.

Procedure and timelines

Please fill in the official application form online and submit your academic certificate from your first year of upper secondary education and a photocopy of your national ID card by email to: (, by certified letter or come in person to the Barcelona campus during the university working day.

Submitting your application includes registration for the specific entrance exam for Academic Excellence Scholarship taking place on Friday, 30 November 2018 at the Barcelona campus (c/ Immaculada, 22).

Degrees eligible for the scholarship:

  • Law
  • Business Administration and Management + Law
  • Law + Political Sciences (*)
  • Law + International Studies (*)

(*) The scholarship does not cover tuition at Iona College for Political Sciences or International Studies. It only covers the bachelor’s degree in Law at UIC Barcelona.

(**) Pending approval