II International Conference of Biodigital Architecture & Genetics

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In the twenties and thirties of the 20th century, when some architects were disposed systematically to configure modern world, they did it stimulated for a cultural pressure, for a correct adaptation to new times, and fighting for minimum conditions of human existence. On the other hand, today the urgency is bigger. It is about the entire planetary subsistence. The question is not any more a simple caprice, neither an intellectual necessity, neither sensibility for losing less favoured people. Now, the necessity is global, without reservations of classes, races or religions. The whole planet is in front of danger of no-sustainability for all mankind. By chance, now in this crucial moment, are offered new techniques of an enormous potential: biological techniques and digital techniques. And even fusion of both, in something that can be named biodigital architecture.

This workshop is presented in the context of the 2nd International Conference of Biodigital Architecture & Genetics. Basically it is an approach to the research of AutoAdaptive Interactive Environment & Architecture, and to a dynamic visualization system as a framework for understanding the complexity of the city.

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2nd International Conference on Biodigital Architecture & Genetics

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