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FLORES MALLO, Manuel Fernando

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Formación Académica

  • Doctorat en Economia. Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, 2014

Intereses en investigación

Welcome to my personal site at UIC Barcelona. I received my PhD in Economics from University of Santiago de Compostela. Before joining UIC, I worked during three years as an Economist in the Directorate for Employment, Labor and Social Affairs at the OECD. I have been also a visiting scholar at the Department of Population Health Sciences at University of Wisconsin-Madison and a visiting student at Utrecht University School of Economics. My research interests are in the areas of health economics, labor economics, economics of aging, human capital development and applied micro-econometrics.


Capítols de llibre

  • Flores, M.; Lueske, M.; Andrew, R., (24/01/2018), "Pathways out of the labour market for older workers in the United States", Ageing and Employment Policies: United States 2018: Working Better with Age and Fighting Unequal Ageing, pp. 17-54, OECD Publishing. ISBN: 978-92-64-19009-2.
  • Geppert, C.; Flores, M.; Lis, M.; Murtin, F.; Oderkirk, J., (2017), "Life course inequality across generations", Preventing Ageing Unequally, pp. 135-176, OECD Publishing. ISBN: 9789264279070.
  • Flores, M.; Blaylock, B.; Lafortune, G.; Killmeier, K., (2017), "How inequality compounds over the life course", Preventing Ageing Unequally, pp. 73-110, OECD Publishing. ISBN: 9789264279070.

Proyectos de investigación

Necessitats de formació a Catalunya del futur (2030) i canvis necessaris al sistema de formació professional reglat per cobrir-les

IP: Mora, Toni; Pineda, P.
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17/04/2018 - 17/04/2020