JANÉ BONET, Montserrat

Departament de Ciències Bàsiques

JANÉ BONET, Montserrat


Perfil del professor

Ciències Bàsiques, DEPARTAMENT DE CIÈNCIES BÀSIQUES. Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

Formació acadèmica

Llicenciada en Ciències Químiques, Universitat de Barcelona
MSc Chemistry | European Patent Attorney | Diploma on Patent litigation in Europe from CEIPI

Experiència professional

Montserrat has a strong background in organic chemistry and a deep practical understanding of the field, having worked for 12 years in
the Pharmaceutical Industry. This practice includes a variety of technical areas including Chemistry, Pharmacy, food sciences, medical devices,
polymers, and adhesives.
Since 2002 Montserrat has regularly participated in lectures, courses, and masters on patent matters.