4ª Edición Més Periodisme: Fighting fake news

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Més Periodisme Fighting fake news: Good journalism as a weapon against disinformation

Famous people obliged to deny rumours of their death spread around social networks; political campaigns and elections marked by disinformation on the internet, etc. Journalism is currently facing one of its biggest challenges: fake news.  

As a result, the Faculty of Communication Sciences at UIC Barcelona has organised the fourth edition of the Més periodisme event, this time focused on the spread and detection of fake news disseminated on social networks.  

The event, open to everyone, will involve the following speakers: 

9.45 a.m. Registration

10 a.m. Welcome from the dean the Faculty of Communication Sciences at UIC Barcelona, Dr Alfonso Méndiz, and the head of studies for the bachelor’s degree in Journalism in the same faculty, Santiago Justel.

1 p.m. Talk entitled: Journalism that pulls the wool over your eyes, by La Sexta journalist and co-founder of maldita.es, Julio Montes.

11.15 a.m. Round table entitled:  Coverage of the attacks in Barcelona: latest news in the era of fake news. Moderated by journalist, lecturer and expert in the journalistic use of social networks, Dr Susana Pérez Soler

Participation from: court, crime and cybercrime reporter for Ara newspaper, Enric Borràs, and journalist, consultant and former social media editor at El Confidencial, José Manuel Rodríguez.

12.30 p.m. End of the event and refreshments.

Saló de Graus
Faculty of Communication Science