Competition “Describe your thesis in 4 minutes” (ONLINE)

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The Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation (FCRi) has organised an interuniversity competition aimed at doctoral students from any discipline. The challenge is to describe their research project in a maximum of 4 minutes in simple language that can easily be understood by members of the general public. 
The competition will be held in two stages. In the first stage, every participating university will hold its own internal disqualifying call with the aim of selecting the candidate who will represent each individual university. In the second stage, the FCRi will organise the final public part of the competition to be held between all universities in Catalonia. This will take place in June. 
Based on the terms and conditions of the competition organised by the FCRi, the UIC Barcelona Doctoral School now announces a call for the following internal competition:  Describe your thesis in 4 minutes.
All students on doctoral programmes who meet the following requirements can participate:  they must be a doctoral student in second year at least with enrolment that is in force and paid for (doctoral students enrolled for the first time during academic years 14-15, 15-16, 16-17, 17-18 and 18-19) and who have not yet defended their thesis.
Requirements to sign up
- Sign up for the competition using our form. 
- Presentation of the acceptance and approval of the thesis supervisor. 
- A commitment from the doctoral student to be present on the day of the competition, since participation from afar is not permitted. 
- A commitment from the doctoral student to omit any confidential information or data related to the research during the public presentation. Neither UIC Barcelona or the FCRi will be held responsible if these requirements are not fulfilled by participants.
- The deadline for registration and providing the corresponding documentation is 18 March 2020 
- The UIC Barcelona edition of the competition will be held on 5 June 2020   
- The competition FINAL will be held on 25 June 2020