Conference: European Identity: Roots and Scope

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This activity is organised by the Charlemagne Institute for European Studies and the Faculty of Law at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya and is associated with the University research group's line of research: the critical issues of contemporary international society.

In particular, we will seek to elaborate on, inter alia, the following questions:

— What is the meaning of the term "identity"?
— What is Europe? Which are its geographic boundaries? Can we speak about a real European history or is it the sum of the history of the States and peoples that make up Europe?
— Can we speak about a real European identity?
— How has the European identity influenced the main legal texts that have built European cooperation and integration?
— What role have human rights played in shaping the European identity?
— Can we demand that non-Europeans in our territory respect the European identity?
— How do economic aspects affect the balance of the elements integral to the European identity?

The conference is open to members of the university community, both academics and students. We also welcome any legal or human and social science professionals who work or have a special interest in these issues, which are of such critical importance for the present and future of our European societies. 

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Charlemagne Institute of European Studies and Faculty of Law